Fugu Nakamata specializing in tiger blowfish
A specialty store where you can enjoy fresh tiger blowfish in Ginza


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Nakamata's highest-end brand will open on June 6th

We purchase rosy seabass from Tsushima through our own unique channels.
Artisanal skills on display at the counter kitchen.
Enjoy the ultimate taste of Nodoguro.

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Notice of store renewal

We will be closed from June 6st to the end of September due to equipment construction. We will resume business from October 1st.
*Reservations until the end of May will be accepted as usual.

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Notice of termination of cash handling

◆From February, we will no longer accept cash at checkout. Once the transaction ends, credit card payment will be the only method of payment. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Excellent access from the station

Good access from Ginza Station and Higashi-Ginza Station The exterior faces a wide alley, so you won't have trouble finding a meeting.

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Specialty store that sticks to ingredients

You can enjoy a variety of dishes such as sashimi, grilled food, and deep-fried "Torafugu", which has a light taste and is full of deliciousness that you will want to eat over and over again.

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About Nakamata Shuzo Group

Introducing the Nakamata Sake Brewery Group, which lives on "delicious" by eating the finest fish with exceptional shochu.

<Specialty store that is particular about materials>
With a light mouthfeel
``Tora Fugu'' is packed with flavor that will make you want to eat it again and again.

Please enjoy fresh natural blowfish purchased from Toyosu.

You can enjoy a variety of dishes such as sashimi, grilled foods, and fried foods.

Banquet course

Luxurious courses of puffer fish are available from 11,000 yen (tax included).You can enjoy fugu as sashimi, fried food, grilled food and various dishes.If you want to enjoy the whole puffer fish, we recommend the course menu.

Our food

We serve delicious tiger blowfish all year round.You can enjoy the carefully selected puffer fish that is light yet full of umami. Please enjoy our specialty pufferfish in various dishes such as "Tessa", "fugu fried chicken", and "pufferfish and mildew with rice in a clay pot".


We offer shochu made by Nakamata Sake Brewery, which has a history of more than XNUMX years in Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture.We have a selection of gems such as "Kirino", which was selected in the Encyclopedia of Japanese Sake, and "Satsuma Nakamata", which was selected as the highest award at the Kagoshima Potato Shochu Competition.

Seats and atmosphere

We offer completely private rooms that can be used for dining, entertainment, and celebrations.The space between the seats is wide, so you can relax and enjoy your meal.Please spend a quality time in the store in a calm space.

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