Nodoguro Specialty Ginza Nakamata Hanare
Specialty store that sells the highest quality blackthroat seaperch of 500g or more


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Nakamata's highest-end brand will open on June 6th

We purchase rosy seabass from Tsushima through our own unique channels.
Artisanal skills on display at the counter kitchen.
Enjoy the ultimate taste of Nodoguro.

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Notice of termination of cash handling

◆From February, we will no longer accept cash at checkout. Once the transaction ends, credit card payment will be the only method of payment. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Notice of regular holiday

[Month of 4]
Holidays (29th) Saturday (6th, 13th, 27th), Sunday
[Month of 5]
Holidays (3rd, 6th), Saturdays (4th, 18th,...

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We will charge a 5% service fee.

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A course unique to a Nodoguro specialty store

〈Kiwami〉Nodoguro course 7 dishes ¥12,100
<Zukushi> Nodoguro course 8 items 15,400 yen
<Top> Abalone and Blackthroat Seaperch Course 7 dishes in total...

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stick to the material

At "Nodoguro Specialty Ginza Nakamata Hanare", large and thick meat weighing more than 500g
We offer the highest quality sea bream. (*usually about 200g)

Please use it for entertainment and anniversaries.

The best course with plenty of black-throated fish
Please enjoy your precious time.

In a private room with the scent of wood
You can relax and enjoy it.

Nodoguro specialty restaurant course

This is an all-out course of nodoguro created by a chef who has thoroughly researched nodoguro.It is used for special occasions with important people such as entertaining, dinner, anniversary and dinner.

Information on seats and shops

The interior of the restaurant, which is conscious of traditional Japan, is a space where you can relax in all the private rooms.We hope that you will spend a luxurious time with the finest sea bream.

Blog list

We will deliver various information about "Ginza Nakamata Hanare", an izakaya in Ginza that boasts nodoguro.We will also deliver information that you cannot miss, so please take advantage of it.

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This is the official website of the Nakamata Group.Introducing Nakamata Sake Brewery's specialties and information on other stores.

Customer Reviews

Masayasu Saito
Masayasu Saito
The atmosphere is nice and the staff are very kind.
I want
I want
I used it for a job launch. I've always been indebted to cheap restaurants, so I really felt the difference in terms of food and service. The explanation of the dishes and the recommended way to eat them are explained each time, so you can enjoy each dish while deepening your understanding. I enjoyed it with
jun tomedome
jun tomedome
It's a course of rosy throat, but it's obvious ✨ It's really delicious 🤗🤗 No more words 😋
tada kagopon
tada kagopon
It was nodoguro samadhi.Japanese sake is delicious!
Noro Kenichi
Noro Kenichi
Nodoguro is the best!
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