Eating the finest fish with exceptional shochu, living for "deliciousness."
Information about the Nakamata Sake Brewery Group

[Official] Nakamata Shuzo Mosuke
[Official] Nakamata Shuzo Mosuke
[Official] Nakamata Shuzo Mosuke


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Nakamata's highest-end brand will open on June 6th

We purchase rosy seabass from Tsushima through our own unique channels.
Artisanal skills on display at the counter kitchen.
Enjoy the ultimate taste of Nodoguro.

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[Notice of store holiday]

[Month of 4]
Holidays (29th) Saturday (6th, 13th, 27th), Sunday
[Month of 5]
Holidays (3rd, 6th), Saturdays (4th, 18th,...

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Discerning dishes

We offer a wide variety of dishes using fresh seafood.The compatibility with carefully selected drinks is outstanding, so please enjoy it to the fullest.

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Available Courses

We have many banquet courses that only include food, so please choose according to your usage scene.

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What's New

We will inform you about the latest information on Hatchobori's Izakaya "Nakamata Sake Brewery Mosuke".

[Due to popular demand, we will continue our all-you-can-drink course! ]

You can add an all-you-can-drink option to your existing course for an additional 2200 yen (tax included).
*All-you-can-drink is available for 2 hours.
(Last order 90 minutes)
Carefully selected by connoisseurs from Toyosu Market every day
Providing extremely fresh seasonal fish from all over the country

Seats and atmosphere

There are many table seats available in the calm atmosphere of the restaurant.Banquets and group parties are also possible.We also have seats for customers who want to spend a relaxing time, so please feel free to contact us first.We also accept reservations for banquets (30 to 40 people maximum).Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Our food

We offer the finest fresh fish procured daily from Tsukiji, including raw domestic bluefin tuna, fresh botan shrimp from Hokkaido, Seki horse mackerel, and wild red sea bream from Akashi.Please try our 3 recommended ways to enjoy shrimps of a size that you can hardly see in Tokyo, and top-quality sashimi that is soft and has a firm taste.

Spilled shochu, a famous Japanese sake

Nakamata Sake Brewery boasts a history of more than 37 years since it started making shochu in Satsuma Ibusuki in XNUMX.We have a wide variety of limited-edition potato shochu, including Kirino, which was selected as an encyclopedia of Japanese sake.The sweet potato shochu made by Nakamata Brewery is characterized by the deep sweetness of the sweet potato.

Many banquet courses

We offer courses from 5,500 yen where you can fully enjoy our specialties.There are plenty of dishes that use seasonal ingredients such as blackthroat seaperch, other fresh fish caught in the morning, and seasonal shellfish.Spend a little more luxurious time than usual with a course where you can enjoy fresh seafood.

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