A place where you can get to know Nodoguro and seek the essence

Larger than 500g
Thick "highest grade nodoguro"

The Nakamata Sake Brewery Group offers large and thick "high-end blackthroat seaperch" weighing over 500g. (*Usually around 200g) We strive to make the highest quality nodoguro dishes by using only extra-large nodoguro with rich fat and condensed umami.In addition, Nakamata Sake Brewery Group uses blackthroat seaperch grown by eating shrimp, so you can also feel the sweetness.

"Yaki" is
original taste.

Nodoguro is a high-class fish that is very delicious as sashimi or boiled, but by serving it "grilled", it becomes "a dish that can only be served with the highest quality thick meat of over 500g".With this combination of ingredients and cooking, you can enjoy the juicy fat that overflows like water when you put your chopsticks in it, and the umami of the meat that makes you feel the glue of that fat.

The real taste that is delicious to the skin.

One of the characteristics that only the best quality Nodoguro can offer is the difference in the skin.Nakamata Sake Brewery Group's Whole Grilled Nodoguro has a crispy and fragrant skin and a chewy texture.Fluffy meat with condensed umami and the perfect amount of salt bring out the original taste of the highest grade blackthroat seaperch.

Unique to specialty stores
seasoning and cooking.

We are constantly researching Nodoguro cuisine so that you can feel the deliciousness that is different from grilled whole.In addition to the sashimi and thin sashimi of nodoguro, you can also enjoy the exquisite seasonings and cooking that only a specialty restaurant can offer, such as the simmered and shabu-shabu dishes carefully selected by the owner who knows all about the nodoguro.

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