Fish Nakamata Ginza
The counter seats where the food is prepared right in front of you are popular


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Nakamata's highest-end brand will open on June 6th

We purchase rosy seabass from Tsushima through our own unique channels.
Artisanal skills on display at the counter kitchen.
Enjoy the ultimate taste of Nodoguro.

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Notice of termination of cash handling

◆From February, we will no longer accept cash at checkout. Once the transaction ends, credit card payment will be the only method of payment. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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We will charge a 5% service fee.

From October 10st, we will charge a 1% service fee.
We appreciate your continued patronage.

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[Notice of store holiday]

[Month of 4]
Holidays (29th) Saturday (6th, 13th, 27th), Sunday
[Month of 5]
Holidays (3rd, 6th), Saturdays (4th, 18th,...

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About Nakamata Shuzo Group

Introducing the Nakamata Sake Brewery Group, which lives on "delicious" by eating the finest fish with exceptional shochu.

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Please be careful

Please be careful not to impersonate our Instagram account.Our account ID is "sakananonakamata" only.

We use carefully selected ingredients purchased daily from Toyosu Market.
Natural tuna, morning-grade button shrimp, top-quality dogfish, etc.
We offer the finest fish.

With “Nakamata Shochu” delivered directly from the brewery
Please enjoy.

Banquet course

We offer course meals that can be used for entertainment, dinner parties, and various banquets.Available from 7 yen including tax (8000 yen excluding tax) for all 7273 items.Please use it for various banquets and meals in Ginza.

Our food

A number of gems that boldly use blackthroat seaperch that can only be made by Nakamata Sake Brewery.Normally it is about 300g, but at our restaurant, we use thicker blackthroat seaperch that weighs over 500g.Please enjoy the deep flavor of the fatty blackthroat seaperch.


There are also plenty of drinks such as shochu that you can enjoy with various fish dishes, including the highest grade "Nodoguro".Please enjoy the delicious shochu carefully selected from each region together with our specialty dishes.

Seats and atmosphere

We offer a variety of table seats that are easy to use for meals with friends, as well as private rooms that can be used for business entertainment and dinners, centering on the "attractive" counter seats where you can see the chef's cooking.We offer a space that can be used not only for special occasions such as dinners and anniversaries, but also for everyday use.

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