Nodoguro Nakamata Shimbashi
Close to Shimbashi Station and Uchisaiwaicho Station.

[Official] Nodoguro Nakamata Shinbashi | For entertainment dinners | Extra large Nodoguro Primitive Grill
[Official] Nodoguro Nakamata Shinbashi | For entertainment dinners | Extra large Nodoguro Primitive Grill


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Nakamata's highest-end brand will open on June 6th

We purchase rosy seabass from Tsushima through our own unique channels.
Artisanal skills on display at the counter kitchen.
Enjoy the ultimate taste of Nodoguro.

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[Notice of store holiday]

[Month of 4]
Holidays (29th) Saturdays and Sundays
[Month of 5]
Holidays (3th and 6rd), Saturdays and Sundays

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400g or more of the finest blackthroat seaperch

We offer charcoal-grilled charcoal-grilled, top-quality blackthroat seaperch weighing over 400g, which is rare in Japan.
Enjoy the juicy, fatty texture and delicious meat.

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Private room available

The interior is based on old materials and has a Japanese taste reminiscent of the good old days.The atmosphere on anniversaries and dates is outstanding.

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Use for dinner and entertainment

Completely private rooms wrapped in a Japanese space where you can feel the warmth of wood create an atmosphere suitable for hospitality such as business dinners and dinners.

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About Nakamata Shuzo Group

Eat the finest fish with exceptional shochu
About the Nakamata Sake Brewery Group
We are here to guide you.

[Due to popular demand, we will continue our all-you-can-drink course! ]

You can add an all-you-can-drink option to your existing course for an additional 2200 yen (tax included).
*All-you-can-drink is available for 2 hours.
(Last order 90 minutes)

~Drink contents~
Draft beer, highball, lemon sour, plum wine, sake, orange juice, oolong tea, Nakamata shochu (2 types: Nakamata and Hamasaki Taiheiji)
A large top-quality dogfish weighing over 500g.
Served over charcoal grill

Banquet course

We have a large number of courses that are indispensable for banquets starting from 6,600 yen.If you want to enjoy our specialty dishes, we recommend the course that you can choose according to your budget and occasion.

Our food

We offer a wide variety of fresh seafood, including the finest grilled sea bream.When you visit our restaurant, please fully enjoy our fresh squid sashimi and 5 kinds of sashimi.

Seats and atmosphere

Complete with private room.The interior of the store uses old materials and is a modern Japanese space in the style of a sake brewery.Indirect lighting like moonlight is perfect for special nights.Please use the private room seats with excellent atmosphere for dates and entertainment.Feel free to contact us for reservations and inquiries.

Blog list

We would like to inform you about the latest information on "Nodoguro no Nakamata Shimbashi," an izakaya in Shimbashi that boasts Nodoguro.Please take a look.

Customer Reviews

Chappy R
Chappy R
All the dishes are delicious without complaint ☆ In addition to the overall quietness of the store, is there a barrel seat?I was able to eat calmly because the view of the surroundings was also blocked.The store clerk is also pleasant and it is a very nice shop.We will go again!
Noro Kenichi
Noro Kenichi
Nodoguro Genshiyaki is the most delicious.Homemade hand-kneaded satsuma-age, exquisite!
kochan m
kochan m
It was greasy and very delicious.
It's difficult to enter without a reservation.The food is of high quality.
Maru 358
Maru 358
A restaurant where you can eat delicious sea bream and fresh fish.The owner buys fresh ingredients from Tsukiji every day.
I used it for the second time.I didn't order much so I can't rate the food.Therefore, we give it 2 stars.The atmosphere and the staff's behavior were very good.There were not many dishes, and it was an impression that they were squeezing.I was talking about anime with a girl and she denied my values, so it's a bitter memory ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ
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